Empowering Abby's Dreams

Abby Richards, a multifaceted journalist and entrepreneur, has always been deeply connected to her cultural heritage, a connection that shapes both her professional endeavors and personal projects. From reporting in ABC Perth’s newsroom to founding Ilgari Designs, Abby’s journey is a testament to her dedication to storytelling and cultural expression.

Raised in Kalgoorlie and an alumna of Great Southern Grammar in Albany, thanks to a Yalari scholarship, Abby has navigated diverse worlds, much like her designs navigate the realms of sky and earth. Her academic and professional paths provided her with a unique platform to share stories across TV, radio, and online, impacting a broad audience and bringing regional stories to the forefront.

However, it is with Ilgari Designs where Abby’s personal and cultural identities merge most vividly. The name “Ilgari” holds significant meanings from her ancestral backgrounds—representing both “heavens, ether, or sky” in Barngarla language from her pop’s lineage in Port Lincoln, South Australia, and “Black Duck” in the language of the Ngadju people, her dad’s community from Norseman. This duality beautifully captures the essence of her products, which Abby describes as dreamy, yet firmly rooted in her heritage.

Through Ilgari Designs, Abby Richards does more than create products; she crafts stories that resonate with the beauty and complexity of Aboriginal cultures, bridging skies and lands with threads of personal and communal identities. As she continues her work, both as a journalist and a designer, Abby remains a vital voice and visionary in her communities, celebrating and sharing the richness of her heritage.

Let’s make dreams happen together.

Let's Make Dreams Happen Together

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