Corporate Partners

Working Together

With the support of our donors, sponsors and volunteers and corporate partners, Yalari brings together Indigenous students, their families and schools to provide education and post school opportunities to help them pursue their goals and dreams. The long-term interests of each student and their achievements are paramount.

Rosemary Bishop Indigenous Education Scholarship is awarded to a student to attend a nominated school. Yalari has an overarching Cooperation Agreement with each of its partner schools and also enters into a Cooperation Agreement with the student’s parent or guardian. Together, these arrangements facilitate Yalari, the schools and the families working together to support the student to achieve their goals and the aims of the Scholarship.

The financial support provided by donors and sponsors is critical to facilitating the Scholarship and we believe it is important that students respect and honour this life changing opportunity. To this end we welcome the opportunity for students to meet and get to know the Yalari community during their six years of secondary schooling and encourage them to become active Alumni in their post school years.

We know that our donor and sponsor community appreciate that the interests of each student are paramount. In the 12 years of the Rosemary Bishop Indigenous Education Scholarship program we have learnt how important it is that students have the space and time to grow and flourish in their education. Moreover, we all have a duty of care to a student and this must guide expectations about contact with students and reporting on outcomes.

We also appreciate that donors and sponsors are keen to know how their funding is used and that Yalari is accountable. We work hard to honour your trust and undertake to provide a half yearly report on the scholarship program and overall student progress, as well as communicating on a regular basis through our Newsletters, Annual Reports and via our social media networks.

These partnerships take many forms and include donations, in kind support, sponsorship of scholarships and volunteering. All of these partnerships are integral to the long term success of Yalari and the scholarship programs that will be implemented over the coming years.

We would like to thank our partners for their continued support.

Are you interested in becoming a Yalari Partner?  Contact our Fundraising Manager, Jenni Heenan on (07) 5665 8688 or fundraisingmanager@yalari.org

Our Corporate Partners