Student Support & Personal Development Program

Yalari’s unprecedented level of support for all scholarship students is a key strength of our unique model and contributes to our high retention rates.  We have a passionate team of professionals throughout Australia who support our students, their families and our partner schools on a daily basis.  The Student Support Officers (SSOs) act a mentor, friend and guide.  They liaise with schools and parents to make sure the student is learning and growing during their time at school.

In addition to providing pastoral care through the SSOs, Yalari has a yearly support and personal development program that our students and our partner schools participate in.  During the year, this includes:

  • Years 7 and 8 Orientation Camp: Students learn about boarding school life and what to expect.
  • Year 9 Central Australia Camps: Students focus on team work, relationship building and leadership skills.
  • Year 10 Pay-It-Forward Program: A Yalari fundraising initiative encouraging each student to think creatively and work together, in order to collectively fund a scholarship for another Yalari student.
  • Year 11 Camp: Students participate in vocational workshops, activities, presentations and special projects.  They also gain an insight into university life and participate in leadership, cultural and creative activities in the university lecture halls and theatres.
  • Year 12 Graduation: Celebrating the achievements of our graduates, a formal ceremony is held, followed by skiing on the snow fields.
  • Year 12 Life Skills Workshop: Year 12 graduates learn valuable skills in financial management, tertiary discipline, personal development and home economics. They will also be equipped with strategies to help them excel in a post-boarding-school environment.
  • Schools workshops:  a chance for key leaders from each partner school to meet and communicate with Yalari staff and with each other.  It is an opportunity to investigate and work together on best practice models for educating and supporting Indigenous students.
  • Biennial Yalari Commemorative Walk to Cherbourg: A 100km walk recognising the cultural significance of the Indigenous peoples’ ‘first walk to Cherbourg’ in 1905.