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Student Support & Personal Development Program

Yalari offers an unprecedented level of support for all our scholarship students.  The time we invest in building relationships and getting to know our Yalari families is a key strength of our unique model.  This approach contributes to our high retention rates and the ability to deal with the inevitable challenges along the way.

The Rosemary Bishop Indigenous Scholarship Program, the Student Support and Personal Development Program and the Post Schools Program work together to help ensure that each Yalari student has the best chance of benefiting from the opportunities they are given.

The aim is to nurture the ‘whole child’ – giving everyone a chance to shine and lead in their own way by recognising their personal potential, not only those who are academically gifted or good at sport.

We have a dedicated and passionate team of professionals throughout Australia, supporting our students, their families and our partner schools on a daily basis.

These Student Support Officers (SSOs) act a mentor, friend and guide.  They liaise with schools and parents to make sure the student is learning and growing during their time at school.

In addition to providing pastoral care through the SSOs, Yalari has a yearly support and personal development program that our students and our partner schools participate in.  During the year, this includes:

  • Orientation Camp:  held in January each year, the Orientation Camp is compulsory for first and second year students.  The camp is held at one of our partner schools and prepares new students for boarding school life with a number of our volunteers and supporters participating as group leaders or facilitators.
  • “Lead the Way” Camps:  held mid-year in central Australia over five days, these camps focus on team work, relationship building and leadership skills.  In addition, it is a chance for our Year 9 students to further connect with their indigenous culture.
  • Trinity Camp:  hosted by The Trinity College at The University of Melbourne for Year 10 students, the weekend camp provides an opportunity for students to gain an insight into University life.  Activities include a tour of the campus and attending leadership, cultural and creative activities in university halls and lecture theatres.
  • Giralang Camp:  Year 11 students participate in workshops, activities, presentations and special projects over three days and experience living on campus at universtiy.
  • Schools workshops:  a chance for key leaders from each partner school to meet and communicate with Yalari staff and with each other.  It is an opportunity to investigate and work together on best practice models for educating and supporting Indigenous students.
  • Pay It Forward: Designed for participation by our Yalari scholars, Pay It Forward is about continuing a good deed for someone else.  Students are encouraged to think creatively in order to fundraise, with all proceeds going towards a scholarship for another Indigenous student.