Meet Yalari’s Class of 2022

Nov 21, 2022

Reghan Bayles
Toowoomba Grammar

Reghan was selected as Yalari Captain in 2022, supported his school’s Reconciliation Week activities, and was an active and engaged senior leader in academics and sport, working tirelessly towards his graduate pathway. This dedication to his ambition will see Reghan commence a Bachelor of Paramedic Science at the Queensland University of Technology in 2023.

I’m looking forward to spending my time studying and making new friends.

Troy Brown
Geelong Grammar

Troy is a talented guitarist who loves to make music. An attentive and kind young man, Troy was a Senior Leader in 2022, mentoring his younger peers and has led with a great example. Next year Troy is ready to explore all that the city has to offer and is planning to stay in Melbourne and find employment.

I am proud of the fact I have almost graduated and finished my schooling.

Holly Coffison
St Hilda’s

Holly has been a passionate student, helping out and encouraging others. Holly is planning to move to Cairns, where her mum and sister live. Next year will see Holly’s thirst for knowledge deepen with a job working at the local Library, starting her journey to become a Librarian.


Whenever I doubted or questioned what it was all for, I thought about the effort and time that goes into getting me to a private school, and that was enough to keep me going. So, thank you so incredibly much.

Rishad Cook-Sabatino

Rishad enjoyed playing in the 1st basketball and rugby teams this year as well as undertaking the Yalari Captain role. His passion for athletics and his dedication to his studies will support him as he commences a Bachelor of Sports Science in 2023.

I feel extremely fortunate to be a part of Yalari and the Shore community. I’m proud that I stayed strong and took the challenge on.

Megan Fields
St Hilda’s

Megan completed a certificate I in construction while studying year 12 and was also a Yalari Captain this year. After graduation, Megan plans to move to Brisbane to live with her mother and is hoping to get a trade apprenticeship or work in horticulture.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of Yalari and I will always be thankful.

Jasmine Glass
St Catherine’s

Jasmine has shown dedication, a hard-working attitude and commitment to her studies. Jasmine was awarded Boarding Captain this year, displaying care and compassion, qualities that will certainly support her as she commences a Bachelor of Nursing at the Australian Catholic University.

I have had the opportunity to be within a school and boarding community that has provided immense support to help me complete and graduate year 12 strong.

Bella Griffiths
St Margaret’s

Bella has proven herself to be a great leader, using her experience and knowledge to help the younger Yalari students. Bella is heading to the University of Queensland to begin a Bachelor of Arts, Majoring in Economics and Psychology. But she doesn’t stop there, once completed, Bella intends to study a Masters in Health Economics and over the summer will undertake a banking internship.

I am so grateful for what Yalari has given to me through the scholarship and I will continue to work hard. In the future I also hope to give back and help others receive the same opportunities.

Jermaine Harrison
Toowoomba Grammar

Jermaine has secured a Distribution Linesperson apprenticeship with Energy Queensland in Murgon. Jermaine started this process in year 11, focusing on his goal to gain an apprenticeship by undertaking and completing a Certificate II whilst studying.

I am so grateful for the opportunity the scholarship has given me, as it truly has changed my life.

Felicity Hodges
Scots PGC

Felicity will commence a Bachelor of Education (Primary) at the Australian Catholic University in 2023. Felicity has been working towards this ambition by studying childcare at TAFE and working part time in a day care facility, which has recognised her passion and talent, already promoting her from Trainee to Assistant.

I am so grateful for the opportunities this scholarship has given me – my equestrian pursuits, my friends and now my job pathway.


Mackenzie Hyde

Mackenzie is planning on a working gap year in Toowoomba, before heading to Brisbane to study nursing at TAFE. Mackenzie’s positive attitude and eagerness to learn will support her well in her future endeavours.

I’m really proud that I have nearly finished Year 12 as I have been working really hard and have been focused on studying for my subjects.

Esther Knowles

Esther plans to study nursing, with an intention to also study Midwifery down the track. Esther is a confident young woman, and we are so proud of her drive, determination and independence.

I have always wanted to be a midwife because I love babies.


Kenneth Jacks
Scots PGC

Kenneth is an affable young man who endears himself to others with his humour and easy-going nature. In 2023, Kenneth will undertake a diesel fitter apprenticeship.

Getting this scholarship meant I’ve been able to go to a far better school than I would have gone to at home. I think being at Scots PGC helped me better my education and study hard, and these things will give me a better future.

Caleb Laifoo

Caleb balanced the academic load and sports training schedule required for the 1st XV Rugby with excellence. It is his independence, intelligence and ability to build a strong routine that will guide him, as he plans to join the Army and learn to become a vehicle mechanic.

I am so grateful to my family, Yalari and my sponsors for supporting me through these past 6 years and getting me through to Year 12. I truly appreciate it and would not be here without you.

Sienna Lincoln
Kinross Wolaroi

Sienna leads from the front, displaying leadership qualities as Captain of her school’s 1st Basketball team and encouraging and helping other students with their schoolwork.  Sienna plans to study Paramedicine in Queensland.

I am so grateful for the opportunity Yalari has given me as well as the opportunities Kinross has provided me with. The scholarship allowed me to realise my full potential and get such a good education.

Moigida Loban

Moigida was selected as Yalari’s Valedictorian and was the first Torres Strait Islander Prefect at Churchie. In 2023 Moi will commence a Bachelor of Marine Science at Griffith University with an emphasis on coral studies post-graduation.

I am proud of the many challenges I’ve overcome as it’s really built up my mental endurance and character as a young adult.

Bryoni Marshall
Scots PGC

Bryoni demonstrated great resilience and perseverance throughout her entire schooling journey, with a busy graduating year that included competing in the Futsal State Titles and undertaking a Certificate III in Health Assistance. Bryoni’s ambition is to become an Enrolled Nurse.

I am so grateful for my Yalari scholarship because it’s given me a pathway that I may not have gotten at home.

Marlley McNamara
Geelong Grammar

Marlley served her community as a Yalari Captain in 2022. Marlley plans to study a Bachelor of Arts at Monash University. With a passion for the creative, this degree will certainly be a pathway to an exciting future.

I am looking forward to exploring what might be next and dreaming about my future.

Sophie Oakeshott

Sophie was selected as Head of Boarding and is a confident, inspiring and thoughtful young lady. Sophie’s dream is to be a journalist and represent her community. With plans to take a gap year in 2023 and travel the world, Sophie will return to Australia and undertake a double degree in Law and Journalism.

I hope that I will continue to take the leadership skills I have learned to better my community and inspire many others to be the best that they can be.

Cassandra Peris
Geelong Grammar

Cassandra hopes to attend Monash University to study Education. An intentional and independent young lady, Cassandra cares deeply about those around her and will make a great teacher one day! 

I have enjoyed learning about different pathways, universities and career options. Just learning about them all has been a great experience.

Anna Robinson
Kinross Wolaroi

Anna is self-motivated and hard-working, with a determination to make life better for the communities around her. Next year, Anna will start a Bachelor of Forensic Science/Criminology in Queensland.

This term I am enjoying all my subjects including Advanced English, Legal Studies and Hospitality. In the future I would like to use different aspects of these subjects to help me in university to complete a Bachelor of Forensic Science/Criminology and Criminal Justice.

Tahlia See
Geelong Grammar

Tahlia is a bright, friendly and loyal young woman. With plans to study Business or start in the workplace, Tahlia’s strength of character, uniqueness and diligence will see her succeed, whichever pathway she chooses.

I am proud of the fact I have almost completed Year 12 and have been able to get to where I have. I look forward to exploring my future.

Willem Smith

Willem plans to take a gap year to work with family and then commence a Bachelor of Clinical Exercise Physiology at QUT in Brisbane. Having competed in rowing, netball, basketball and soccer this year, a future in the sports industry is a great choice!

This year, my favourite subject has been Biology as I enjoy the sciences and am looking to do something in this field after school.

Scott Taat
Scots PGC

Scott has had a year full of highlights, both personally and academically. He has applied himself and the hard work has definitely paid off. For 2023, Scott plans to undertake an apprenticeship in Warwick.

I know I’ve got skills and I know if I focus on a goal, I can achieve it. This scholarship has also taught me that the friends you make are important in life. To be honest, this scholarship has helped me become a better bloke.

Ramiyah Tamu

Rumiyah has shown incredible determination to complete his secondary school studies. Ramiyah’s final year at SHORE included lots of rugby and a speaking role at the Honorary Assembly, showing himself as an emerging leader of the First Nations community. In 2023, Ramiyah will stay in Sydney and look for employment.

I am extremely fortunate to be a part of such a beautiful institution with such wonderful people.

Elyne Tighe
St Margaret’s

Elyne plans to study Medicine, specialising in Paediatrics. Elyne has a caring and kind heart and will be a brilliant doctor, already displaying mature attributes of empathy, altruism and consideration for others.

I am very much looking forward to what is to come next year. I am so grateful for my Yalari scholarship, and the generosity of my donors.

Seferina Whap
The Glennie

Seferina has had a busy year as a boarding committee member, rugby 7s captain, speaker at the National Boarders Assembly and completing a certificate III in Business. In 2023, Seferina will study a Bachelor of Marine Science at Griffith University.

This scholarship has helped me in many ways as it has given me a better education than I ever expected and has opened up different pathways I can follow after I finish school this year.



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