Rona Glynn

Each year, The Weekly runs a competition inviting young successful women around Australia to nominate themselves and their work.
This year Rona Glynn-McDonald, past Yalair scholar is a finalist in the community, health and charity category.

Rona is the founder of Common Ground, a not-for-profit that records and shares First Nations cultures. She’s inspired by her grandmother, Freda Glynn, a formidable leader, media pioneer and powerful voice for Aboriginal people. “I’ve been guided by incredible women throughout my life,” Rona says.
As a proud Kaytetye woman, Rona’s also driven by a passion to provide for disadvantaged Indigenous young people and communities impacted by social exclusion.

“Common Ground was born out of the idea we needed to create the space for all Australians to learn about First Nations experiences,” Rona says.
Since Common Ground started a year ago, more than 120,000 people have used the online resource. Common Ground recently completed a national campaign, The First Nations Bedtime Stories Challenge, in which they shared five short films from Central Australia, told in local languages.
She hopes to use the Women of the Future bursary to connect with Indigenous people in Australia and globally. “My dream,” she says, “is to create an Australia that celebrates and embraces our First Peoples.”

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