Recently, Yalari held the Annual Boys Outback Camp. This camp offered students the opportunity to reconnect with culture and land, forge new friendships, strengthen support networks and reflect upon the unique opportunities they are receiving.

Accompanying the students on this journey were Waverley Stanley, 3 further Yalari staff members and special guest Wally Boydell. Wally is the official ambassador of the Mary Boydell Endowment Fund, a fund which allows individuals to invest in the future of Yalari.

Wally was able to join the staff and students in camp activities including sightseeing, bushwalking and joining in on the yarning circle at night.

Below is a message written by Wally Boydell at the conclusion of the 2019 Yalari Boys Outback Camp.

“I have recently been very privileged to join the Grade 9 students on their Central Australia Outback Camp. This is such a very important and vital part of their development and one that better bonds them with their fellow students and at the same time gives them a greater insight into other Indigenous cultures and the importance of a good and rounded education.

We never stop learning and I can say it was as much an education for me as it was for them. Outstanding young men and women who have been set on a path to bring about change to their lives and the future of Australia.

This was a truly outstanding journey making a big contribution to their development and one in which I wish all Yalari supporters could participate.

This is only one of many initiatives in which they will participate during their time with Yalari, but one that will assist them to make a difference.”

The Boys Outback Camp again was another huge success, creating memories that the boys will treasure forever.  To view photos from this amazing adventure please visit our gallery page.