Head Office

  • Waverley Stanley
    Founding Director
  • Llew Mullins
    Managing Director
  • Leanda Cooper
    Business Manager
  • Karen Harvey
    Student Support Manager
  • Gary O'Brien
    Student Development Coordinator
  • Jenni Heenan
    Fundraising Manager
  • Alison MacKenzie
    Communications Manager
  • Rekisha Satour
    Reception (Part-time)
  • Kylie Bennett
    Student Support Administrator
  • Danielle Young
    Office Administrator
  • Christine Simpson
    Senior Accountant
  • Pam Boavida
    Volunteer Coordinator
  • Jodie Williams
    Fundraising & Communications Coordinator
  • Kerrie Tickner

Student Support Officers

  • Jess Calo
    SSO Sydney
  • Barry Lee
    SSO Gold Coast
  • Sue McNeil
    SSO Albany
  • Daniel Collins
    SSO Brisbane
  • Jane Evelyn
    SSO Brisbane
  • Jazz De Busch
    SSO Melbourne
  • Kristie Ross
    SSO Brisbane
  • John Fisher
    SSO Sydney
  • Nicolette Dixon
    SSO Darling Downs

Barry Lee

Daniel Collins

Jane Evelyn

Jazz De Busch

Kristie Ross

John Fisher

Nicolette Dixon

Board of Directors

  • Bruce Davidson
    Acting Chairman
  • Waverley Stanley
    Founding Director
  • Llew Mullins
    Managing Director
  • Karen Spiller


The Directors of the Company that form the Board will consist of at least three, and not more than ten, persons to be elected in general meeting for a term of three years. All Directors are eligible for re-appointment. The Board has the power to appoint a qualified person to fill a casual vacancy or as an addition to the existing members. Such an appointee holds office until the next general meeting when an election must be taken to fill the vacancy and the appointee is eligible for election at that general meeting.

On an ongoing basis the Board considers the mix of skills and attributes that are necessary for it to discharge its responsibilities to a high standard and in an effective manner.

The management and control of the business and affairs of the Company are vested in the Board, which provides direction, control and accountability for the overall governance, strategy and performance of the organisation.

The Board delegates the management of the business and affairs of the company to executive management subject to defined principles and certain matters that require the approval of the Board. The delegations ensure executive management has the power to act and enables efficient and effective operation of the company on a day-to day-basis.

Company details

Yalari Limited
ACN 113 794 148
ABN 66 113 794 148
PO Box 1355
Oxenford Qld 4210
07 5665 8688

Yalari is a public company limited by guarantee incorporated on 13th April 2005. Its Object enables Indigenous children and Indigenous young people in Indigenous communities to access a quality education.
The income and property of the Company must only be applied towards the promotion of the Objects of the Company which are Non-profit in nature. There is no distribution of profits to Members on winding up and the liability of Members is limited on winding up.

Yalari is a charity registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) as a public benevolent institution (PBI).

As a PBI, Yalari is endorsed by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) as a deductible gift recipient (DGR).

Our auditors are Grant Thornton, Ann Street, Brisbane, Qld 4000.

Our audited financial statements and Annual Report are available on our website.

Waverley Stanley

As the Founding Director of Yalari, Waverley Stanley knows about the power of education. In 1980, as a young Indigenous boy living in the remote community of Murgon Qld, he was given the opportunity to attend Toowoomba Grammar School for his high school education. It was this opportunity that started him on the Yalari journey.

Waverley has worked extensively throughout Queensland as an Indigenous Support Officer for Education Queensland.  He has presented and facilitated workshops and conferences for Indigenous people throughout Australia, in leadership and education.  It is through Waverley’s passion for the empowerment of Indigenous children and his vision to bring about generational change, that Yalari was established in 2005.

Yalari is a not-for-profit organisation that offers quality secondary education scholarships at leading Australian boarding schools for Indigenous children from regional, rural and remote communities.

Waverley lives and breathes Yalari and has been a vital force in transforming the lives and futures of young Indigenous Australians. He has been recognised as the recipient of awards including the Churchill Fellowship, the Ernst & Young Social Entrepreneur of the Year Award (Nth region) and as a Queensland finalist in the Australian of the Year Awards.

Yalari draws its support from individuals, companies, philanthropic foundations and government departments, but it is Waverley who is on the ground working to create change. He travels endlessly to raise funds and awareness, and also to interview children who have applied for a scholarship, in their home town.  Waverley is creating pathways of opportunity and empowerment.

Llew Mullins

Leanda Cooper

Karen Harvey

Gary O'Brien

Jenni Heenan

Alison MacKenzie

Rekisha Satour

Kylie Bennett

Danielle Young

Christine Simpson

Jodie Williams

Kerrie Tickner

Bruce Davidson

Acting Chairman
August 2010 – current
(Acting Chairman from October 2017 to present, and October 2013 – March 2014)

Bruce holds degrees in Law and Commerce from the University of Queensland and was formerly a partner in a leading commercial law firm. He specialised in international business and conducted business development activities throughout Asia. Bruce has spent the last 20 years with Davidson Recruitment and in his current role as the Davidson Group CEO, he leads a talented team across Australia and New Zealand dedicated to enhancing workplace performance for clients. He has also been invited to consult to boards and senior executives, to act as a mentor, and speak on both formal and informal occasions.  Bruce has previously held the role of Regional Councillor for Finsia.

​“Yalari works. It definitively achieves the outcome in Indigenous Australia that matter most – truly empowering Indigenous people to make a difference. In itself, that is an extraordinary achievement.

The real magic in Yalari however, lies in its philosophy of inclusiveness. If you are fair dinkum, want to make a contribution of any kind and back that up with actions, you are welcome to become part of the Yalari family.  To quote Waverley,  ‘…whether you are black, white, green, blue, corrugated or brindle!’”

Waverley Stanley

Founding Director

April 2005 – current

As a Founding Director of Yalari, Waverley knows about the power of education and has worked tirelessly over the past 11 years to turn his dream of Yalari into a reality.  Waverley has worked extensively throughout Queensland as an Indigenous Support Officer for Education Queensland. More recently he has presented and facilitated leadership and education workshops and conferences for Indigenous people throughout Australia. Waverley is a graduate of the Australian Rural Leadership Program for 2005-2006 and also the recipient of a prestigious Churchill Fellowship for 2013.

“I love it because I am part of something bigger than myself and it enriches my life and my country. 

I feel humbled that I’m fortunate enough to have created, worked in, and one day leave behind… the legacy of Yalari.”

Llew Mullins

Managing Director
February 2011 – August 2014
November 2014 – current  

Llew has worked extensively throughout Australia with Indigenous people, coordinating business workshops and managing a mentoring program between corporate business people and Indigenous small business owners.

As a founding director of Yalari (and the current Managing Director), Llew’s experience in business, financial management and organisation, as well as many years working in the social welfare and counselling areas, has provided the necessary skills to bring Yalari from an idea to a reality.

“The simple idea of Yalari in 2005 is now a viable reality that makes sense and is relevant in 2016.

Today, contributing as the Managing Director of Yalari, my life is focused on education and empowerment. I picture an afternoon in the future where I’ll be sitting on a verandah with a black cup of tea in my hand, a hose in the other, watering the garden, and a contented feeling in my mind that there were many parts of my life that were good and right and real and honest;  and Yalari was one of them.”

Karen Spiller


June 2015 to present

St Aidan’s Anglican Girls’ School

Karen has had teaching and leadership experience in both girls’ and co-educational Anglican schools for over 30 years. She has been Principal at St Aidan’s Anglican Girls’ School for seventeen years.  Karen is the National Chair of the Association of Heads in Independent Schools Australia and has been a member of that Board for ten years and has also held the position of Treasurer. She is Vice President of Independent Schools Queensland, a member of the International Education and Training Advisory Group (IETAG) for the Queensland Government and a Past National President for the Alliance of Girls’ Schools, Australasia. Karen holds both a Masters in Educational Administration and an MBA.

​“Seeing the changes in the Yalari scholars’ confidence and belief in themselves is what drives me to be passionate about Yalari.

I hope that Yalari students will make our world and Australia a better place through their leadership and that in time, they too will give back to others and their communities.”