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Geelong Grammar School: May 2015

29 May 2015 | Added by yalari

Geelong Grammar School


I have the privilege of overseeing Geelong Grammar School’s Indigenous Programme. I have found my involvement in it to be both educative and uplifting. I enjoy working with the School’s passionate Indigenous Education Officer, Lucy Haigh, whose commitment to the role has been outstanding. Geelong Grammar School has been in partnership with Yalari for over 8 years. Yalari is an independent not-for-profit organisation set up by the charismatic and passionate Waverley Stanley, and his wife Llew Mullins, to provide excellent educational opportunities for Indigenous students from remote environments. Yalari seeks funding from government, corporate and individual benefactors to support Indigenous children’s education. Yalari aims to provide programmes which will bring about long-term generational change by giving Indigenous children the opportunity for a first-class education in Australia. In recent years we have also been supported by other organisations including the Helen McPherson Trust, the Australian Indigenous Education Fund (AIEF) and ERM Power Board. Individuals have also shown their support and generosity by providing part or whole scholarships for students. Currently we have 29 Indigenous students at Corio and Timbertop. Twenty-one of these are Yalari students. I have been delighted that in recent years we have had a number of local Indigenous families and their children join our community.

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This year my sun is form 5.He would like to do medicine.can u pls give us same inrtamfoion about faundation & scholarship .pls give us list of collegedo medicine.Thank you[]

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